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So, when did you all discover you were bi??
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After I met the rest of the semi-closeted bi's at Fireweed. XP
Are you serious?
Im dead serious :P
You can't be serious. o.0;
When you started slamming j-pop pretty boys into my head.

And then you dumped me.


:P j/k <3

In all honesty, it made me think, and i realized I could be happy with anyone, as long as I loved them.


We're all horribly affectionate arnt we?
I -like- being horribly affectionate!
Summer before seventh grade.

Girls got pretty. *_*
Seventh grade, halfway through the year. I decided I could be happy with anyone. That doesn't mean I troll for relationships, however. I'm quite happy living the single life as of now, but things could always change.

And I plan to never get married and live life the way I want to.
I don't ever wanna get married, either.